introspective networks

Revolutionary Zero Trust Network Security.

SmokeNet - a Next Generation Private Network solution. Developed with all the underpinnings of zero trust plus encryption that uses an unsolvable problem. It can not be broken; even in theory. Discover how this SmokeNet radically changes network security.


Don't just detect network vulnerabilities - eliminate them.

Current cybersecurity solutions are inadequate. With the fastest encryption technology available, you can be proactive rather than reactive!

Zero Vulnerabilities!

Viasat did a battery of tests in a Red Team assessment against SmokeNet NGPN and found ZERO vulnerabilities. In fact, they could not even see the devices or the network transmissions. SmokeNet NGPN completely hides the data as it travels across the network and also hides the edge of your network. Make your network disappear with the virtual network smokescreen – SmokeNet NGPN.