introspective networks

Revolutionary Cybersecurity

SmokeNet proactively removes network threats. Instead of trying to discover problems after they happen, SmokeNet just takes them off the table. Developed with encryption that uses an unsolvable problem, it can not be broken, even in theory. This completely removes the Quantum Computer threat. Even a quantum computer cannot solve an unsolvable problem. SmokeNet is constantly moving in the network - never static. It removes network threats, including the one most threatening to your information privacy, data recording. Scroll down to learn more.

Introspective Networks is featured in the January 2023 issue of GRC Viewpoint magazine as one of their
Top 10 GRC Solution Providers


Attack Surface Mitigation

The increased need for remote workers plus the ever growing use of cloud services has dramatically increased the attack surface that organizations need to manage. As the corporate infrastructure has extended to the internet, traditional perimeter security is now inadequate and obsolete. SmokeNet's patented Moving Target Defense strategy solves this problem by creating a secure tunnel that constantly changes ports. SmokeNet shrinks your attack surface by hiding your data in the internet. Attackers can't steal your data because they can't find it.


Company News

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