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The Highest Level of Cybersecurity



An Ultra Secure Work from Home Solution created by Introspective Networks


Take Initiative to Protect your Information

SmokeNet is being launched on Kickstarter to provide top level security to the millions of employees working from home during the pandemic. Your support not only gives you access to Top Secret level cybersecurity, but also helps us to improve our hardware and customer service.


Why SmokeNet?

Our cybersecurity solution offers many advantages your current protection may not.

Proactive Security

SmokeNet doesn't wait for a threat to activate. It is always working and securing your data, so that it can thwart attacks before they even happen.

Zero Vulnerabilities

SmokeNet was tested for vulnerabilities by a major satellite Internet provider. This testing found zero network vulnerabilities, a claim only this solution can make.

Hidden and Encrypted

SmokeNet doesn't just encrypt your data, it hides it from view. We ensure that your sensitive data isn't visible to those who might threaten it.


We seek to make SmokeNet an affordable solution. Small businesses are being hit hard during the pandemic, and they need reliable cybersecurity at a reasonable price.


SmokeNet can be used in a variety of businesses, with any number of employees. A member of our support would be happy to help you choose the best plan for your business.

Easy to Use

Connecting to SmokeNet is as easy as plugging our hardware into your Internet router. No computer science experience required.