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SmokeNet Home Privacy

Take Your Privacy Back!

While Private VPN does move your location, VPN can be traced back to its home. It also provides no protection from the newest privacy threat - your smart home devices. Lastly, with increases in computing power, the encryption used by VPN is not enough. SmokeNet uses encryption that can not be broken - even in theory.

SmokeNet is foundational to Zero Trust defense. This is what you need to protect your privacy. If you are serious about your cyber privacy and security, it starts with SmokeNet.


Separate Network

The SmokeNet SNAP5 separates your critical data from smart devices. The SNAP5 provides a separate, secure WiFi network insulating your personal information from Smart Devices. 

Growing Threats

Smart Devices connecting to your home network are all launching points for attack. We’re bringing more and more connected devices into our homes. Network borne attacks are also on the rise leading to data ransom and theft.


Stay Anonymous

Your data is sent to a different location before hitting the internet. At that location, it is put on the internet anonymously. 

Cloud Firewall

Your data is finally protected by a cloud firewall. This blocks basic attacks and provides peace of mind that first level protection is covered.

STOP Network Vulnerabilities

When your data is sent to its remote destination, it is protected by multi patented STOP technology. This has been verified to remove all network attack vectors including network recording. VPN technology, like Personal VPN, is open to any and all network vulnerabilities. With personal VPN, all your web traffic is in one place neatly packed for recording. 


Two Minute Setup

We’re not kidding - setup is literally less than two minutes. Plug the SNAP5 into your wifi router, plug in power and connect to the SNAP5 wifi network. It’s that simple.


For the price of a few lattes per month, you can have the highest level of cybersecurity protection for your home, securing up to five personal devices. The SNAP5 Hotspot is only $400. To start protecting your home, click the Buy button on this page.


Current reactive technologies frankly do not work. That should be obvious to everyone given all the breaches we hear about.  With increases in RansomWare attacks, it’s clear perpetrators are getting to systems directly. Your personal devices need better protection as they have your personal data. 

Identity theft costs consumers both time and money. It can take years to clear up and services to do this can cost thousands. You will never get that time back. SmokeNet helps avoid this by removing silent threats in the network and now, with smart devices, in your home.

SmokeNet has been validated through military grade testing to be 100% effective against direct network borne attacks. SmokeNet is the only proactive solution that actually works against current and future attacks.

If you're currently paying your Internet Provider $20, $30 or even $40 dollars a month for solutions that obviously don’t work, make the switch to SmokeNet today. Get proactive about your home's Cybersecurity. Get SmokeNet.


How Else Can You Protect Yourself?

  • Do not install applications you do not trust.
  • Do not click links you do not trust.
  • Read emails with links critically and carefully to ensure they are from a reliable source.
  • When running Windows, make sure you have a good, up to date antivirus program.
  • Keep your operating system up to date.
  • Enable your operating system's firewall as well as all other available security features.
  • Subscribe to an identity and credit monitoring service.