Truly confidential, fully secure Internet messaging.

StealthComms is the solution for highly secure, ubiquitous communications from any device or computer over a public network.

how it works

Secure Conversations

The SC app is designed with confidentiality in mind. The app provides a one on one messaging session that is not stored, removing concerns about information being left behind on a phone, tablet or computer.

Every conversation can only be seen by the participants involved. Even if a device is cracked, because messages are never stored, they are never compromised. In short, SC provides the most secure communications mechanism for data in motion as well as at rest.

Secure File Transfer

StealthComms securely sends and receives images and other files while allowing the sender to control whether the recipient is allowed to save them.

Common Sense Interface

The StealthComms UI is intuitive, simple, and easy to use, without distraction from unnecessary features.


StealthComms is available on most Apple and Android mobile devices, and on the Chrome Browser for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and ChromeOS. It is ready to use or can be tailored to specific organizational needs, ensuring the security and confidentiality of data in motion and at rest.

Contacts can include anyone or be restricted to individuals with the app, anyone within an organization, or specific persons or groups in an organization, and custom restrictions are available.


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