The first fully secure IP network tunnel.

SmokeTunnel utilizes the our patented Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol, better known as STOP, to prevent the interception and injection of data across the wire.

how it works

Privacy and Performance

SmokeTunnel provides a true virtual private line between two endpoints in a network. To improve data security, it is moved in the network using multiple Moving Target Defense techniques. The next generation of security is finalized by encrypting the data being sent across the network using Streaming Key Encryption which provides a unique key for each byte of data. Not only does this provide stronger encryption for the data, it also has the best performance. Tests show SmokeTunnel can approach full bandwidth on a Gigabit Ethernet interface.*

With SmokeNet NGPN, a new generation of IP tunnel is used. Data ports are constantly changing and, if a location uses more than one carrier, the encrypted data and streaming key are sent across both while rotating at random.

SmokeNet NGPN works in the network as a hub and spoke system. Servers can be delivered as a Cloud service or as a network appliance. SmokeNet NGPN network appliances can be managed directly by your staff or outsourced as a service. Lastly, multiple network appliances can be employed for high availability.


SmokeTunnel is simple to use and works like any other network tunneling solution. The interface presents itself in the OS like any other TCP/IP network resource. Any application can connect to the tunnel for seamless integration with any network application that requires a secure connection to another networked resource.


With SmokeTunnel, the amount of Moving Target Defense used, how the system is initialized, and other factors can all be configured. Implementation can be balanced against performance, ease of use, and other requirements. In short, SmokeTunnel provides simplicity plus flexibility at the Operating System level.

Key Features

Drop-in replacement for network tunneling needs

Up to 16x faster than tunneling with OpenVPN/AES256

Simple and easy to use

Vastly improved security compared to existing IP network tunnels

Technology is backed by granted USPTO patents

Seamless integration with any network application

Trusted partners throughout the industry.