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SmokeNet Personal Privacy

Revolutionary Cybersecurity

Your privacy is of paramount importance. With SmokeNet Personal Privacy you can take the highest level of network security with you wherever you go. Like with all SmokeNet products, your data is protected by a virtual smokescreen using Moving Target Defense. This removes all network threats - 100%. SmokeNet also uses encryption that can not be broken, even in theory. This completely removes the threat of Quantum Computing as nothing can solve an unsolvable problem. Scroll down to learn more.



STOP Network Vulnerabilities
When your data is sent to its remote destination, it is protected by multi patented STOP technology. This has been verified to remove all network threats including network recording. Standard VPN technology is open to any and all network vulnerabilities. You no longer need to worry about that.
Cloud Firewall
Your data is finally protected by a cloud firewall. This blocks basic attacks and provides peace of mind that first level protection is covered. Firewalls have not completely gone away. You still need them at the junction of the Public Internet and your employees. SmokeNet Personal Privacy takes care of that.
Setup in Minutes
We’re not kidding - setup is literally minutes. Connect the SNAP1 to a USB Port, select a Wi-Fi network and you are done.  For phones, we even include a QR code. It is that simple.
Zero Administration
SmokeNet Personal Privacy is perfect for your individual device. All initial administration and setup is completed before you receive the equipment. You simply plug in and go. We automate and manage nearly all aspects of your Next Generation Private Network (NGPN).

* Windows may require a small software install for the SNAP1. All other major Operating Systems are plug and play.
Zero Trust
Zero Trust security only allows people to have access to things they need. SmokeNet is borne from zero trust right down to the network. The zero network vulnerabilities STOP technology provides means zero trust starts right at the most fundamental level - the Internet. Separating yourself from the Internet is simply a first step. STOP technology takes this further by constantly authenticating the endpoints and rotating automated passwords. Authentication by the users is also enabled every step of the way. This is a critical step to arresting Ransomware threats.
Quantum Proof Encryption
Even a Quantum Computer can not solve an unsolvable problem. This encryption method, the One Time Pad, has been around for over 100 years and used for Top Secret information around the world. This is a proven method that is rock solid. Say goodbye to worries over the Quantum Threat.
Isolation From Smart Devices
Smart Devices connecting to your home network are all launching points for attacks. We’re bringing more and more connected devices into our homes. Network borne attacks are also on the rise leading to data ransom and theft. For offices that used shared wifi, this is a bigger concern as you no longer control what is on the Wi-Fi network. Separating your device from the Wi-Fi network is a critical step.
Stay Anonymous
Your data is sent to a different location before hitting the internet. At that location, it is put on the internet anonymously. No one will know where you really are, removing the possibility of targeted cyber attacks where perpetrators reach out directly to gain trust.

How Else Can You Protect Your Privacy?

  • Do not install applications you do not trust.
  • Do not click links you do not trust.
  • Read emails with links critically and carefully to ensure they are from a reliable source.
  • When running Windows, make sure you have a good, up to date antivirus program.
  • Keep your operating system up to date.
  • Enable your operating system's firewall as well as all other available security features.