Big or small, your business is a target.

Whether you have one employee or a million, your business is vulnerable to a host of cyber threats including ransomware, man in the middle attacks, and denial of service attacks. Our equipment is scalable, simple to install, and even easier to use.

smokenet ngpn Business Solutions

Creating a SmokeNet NGPN Network

A SmokeNet NGPN network starts with a network appliance server that we manage for you. Our managed service solution takes all the worry out of working with the technology.  Introspective Networks will constantly monitor for problems, ensuring the servers are up and running properly.

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Small Business Products

The SmokeNet SNGW-50, SNGW-50R, and SNGW-100 are gateways aimed at small offices. The SNGW-50/50R are designed for offices with up to 50 connected devices, while the SNGW-100 supports up to 100 connected devices. These gateways are also perfect for satellite locations or home use for remote users requiring high bandwidth connections to the office. They can be used on a single server or computer to provide quick, easy access without the hassle of installing and managing software.

Like our servers, the gateways are part of a managed service, allowing businesses to quickly gain the benefits of SmokeNet NGPN without the need for specialized experts.

SmokeNet NGPN Gateways eliminate the need to install client software on individual computers, making it possible for an entire office to share a single secure connection to the SmokeNet NGPN server.

Enterprise Solutions

SmokeNet NGPN servers are ready to use out of the box. Configuration, management, and provisioning of new connections are simple and quick, eliminating the need for specialized technical knowledge. If policy requires restricted access to the server, documentation and training are available. This will allow your staff to completely control deployed SmokeNet NGPN servers.

We offer a selection of gateways to fit the needs of all of your locations. For large offices, the rack-mounted SNG-50R and the SNG-100R gateways support 50 and 100 devices respectively.  Small locations can be supported with our smaller format devices.

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