Why is Cybersecurity Reactive?

2 Minutes

Why is cybersecurity reactive?

When we founded Introspective as an Industrial IoT company, the cybersecurity issues around IoT were made evident by the 2013 NSA leaks. There were things we knew in the Telecom industry that frankly, we thought were reserved for warranted wiretaps. As it turns out, they were not. Once those leaks were revealed, the secrets of how to collect data on the Internet were exposed.

It was clear our distributed computing technology, PUMAS, was at great risk from anyone with ill intent. That started us down that path of figuring out how to STOP (second patented technology) those things from happening in the first place. As our thought at Introspective evolved, we came to understand that we are removing attack vectors from the network. Once that was understood, we started thinking about Cybersecurity in an entirely different way.

Instead of trying to detect attacks, why not arrest them in the first place. Let’s remove the thing that is being exploited. This seemed like, at the time, a novel approach (and still is). With that stream of thought, we have since created two new pieces of intellectual property. We now are winning bids for prototype work with the simple concept of Proactive Cybersecurity. In all facets of life, proactive is better than reactive; right? It’s better to brake early rather than late while driving, to spread weed killer than pull weeds and to maintain your car than fix it when it breaks down. There is not a single instance where being proactive is not preferable to being reactive. Unless you are running a consulting business or selling snake oil to “discover” cybersecurity issues, proactive is the only proven method to secure your office.

This caught my attention so much I’ve written a short whitepaper on the subject: Moving to Proactive Cybersecurity.  You can experience this first hand with our SmokeVPN line of products. Very soon, Introspective will have an entire office solution that works on this principle.  Let’s work together to remove the chinks that allow cyber breaches.

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