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SmokeNet NGPN

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Introspective Networks (IN) has developed our Smoke NGPN (Next Generation Private Network) cybersecurity solution: SmokeNet. To describe this innovative product, perhaps the first step is to state what it is not

  • It is not a VPN
  • It is not traditional public encryption
  • It is not simply encryption

Rather, SmokeNet NGPN is a new market segment unto itself: a Next Generation Private Network (NGPN). It is the missing link for providing “perfect security” for your data, while maintaining performance across an IP network. SmokeNet NGPN is an ideal solution for use with Cloud Security solutions. 

Components of a Next Generation Private Network (NGPN)

  • Protects the endpoints from cyber attacks without the need for a firewall
  • Encrypts the data in a way that is Quantum Proof (not just Quantum Resistant)
  • Simple to set up & manage over time (removing human enabled mistakes) 

How SmokeNet Works

SmokeNet serves as a powerful NGPN with several key pieces: Moving Target Defense (MTD), One-Time Pad encryption and an automated setup and configuration. 

  • Moving Target Defense removes all known attack vectors in the network with a Virtual Smoke Screen to keep your data hidden. There’s no need for a complex, convoluted firewall. Just ask Viasat! They carried out a Red Team assessment that proved SmokeNet has zero -- yes, ZERO -- vulnerabilities. 
  • The One-Time Pad encryption goes one step further in protecting the data. In fact, this cryptographic technique is the same method used for Type 1 encryption (the technique that’s used for the most top-secret information around the world!). 
  • The automated setup and configuration takes this NGPN to the next level. The technical details are handled by the system all while providing a seamless user interface and simplified experience. The automated and protected functionality removes opportunity for errors and exposed data with current VPN configurations. 

Where SmokeNet Will Go 

The NGPN solution will ultimately replace Private Line networks. Enterprise businesses moving to an IP network solution will choose SmokeNet NGPN due to the combination of superior performance and protection. In addition, SmokeNet NGPN is simple to maintain. Private Line solutions are associated with high maintenance costs and time spent repairing outages. SmokeNet NGPN requires minimal maintenance and therefore results in significantly reduced cost. 

Stay tuned for additional information about this game-changing and secure NGPN solution on our blog! In the meantime, contact us with questions at

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