Our Technology is Easy to Understand

Introspective’s patented technologies are a big subject. Don’t fret though; we have you covered with a series of short videos.

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Robust, Proactive Cybersecurity Using Moving Target Defense

SmokeNet uses Moving Target Defense and Streaming Key Encryption to hide your data in the network and protect against cyber attacks -including emerging threats, such as quantum.


Moving Target Defense

Adversaries cannot attack your data because they can't find it.


Streaming Key Encryption

Provides the same encryption method used for Top Secret information. This method cannot be cracked, even in theory.

Independently verified

Zero Network Vulnerabilities

Learn how Introspective Networks incorporates its patented technologies to provide the the strongest cybersecurity solution available today.


Streaming Transmission One-Time-Pad Protocol

Multi-patented solution that protects data in motion by constantly moving in the network while utilizing the strongest possible encryption.