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What is SmokeNet?

SmokeNet is a Next Generation Private Networking (NGPN) technology. SmokeNet uses Moving Target Defense to completely protect your data from all network vulnerabilities. VPN and other encryption technologies do not do this. Also, used to secure Top Secret information around the world, the encryption method SmokeNet uses is much stronger.

Do I need to install software or an app to use SmokeNet?

SmokeNet is delivered as hardware, either as a WiFi access point or a plug and play USB network adapter. For a company network or a wired home, it can simply be a gateway for your network. Computers running Windows 10 may require a minimal driver installation for certain devices.

Can I use SmokeNet with wired or wireless devices?

Yes. SmokeNet works with either wired or wireless devices.

What is the difference between SmokeNet and a VPN?

SmokeNet replaces a VPN and provides much stronger protections. Computing power has increased to the point that VPNs have become vulnerable and obsolete. SmokeNet has zero network vulnerabilities. It uses a more secure method of encryption that cannot be cracked, even in theory.

How is your encryption superior to others?

Current encryption standards are antiquated and no longer secure, especially in the Cloud. Introspective Networks' patented technology includes encryption that has protected Top Secret information for over 100 years. This technology has enabled this level of encryption to be used in a network.

What types of devices can I connect to SmokeNet?

Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and other network enabled devices can all be connected to SmokeNet.

How many devices can I connect to SmokeNet from home?

Depending on your plan, you can connect a single device or up to five devices.

Can I create a large network for my business with SmokeNet?

Yes. SmokeNet uses networking standards and can create secure networks of virtually any size.

Does SmokeNet replace my antivirus software?

No. You still need antivirus software, along with the defense measures built into your Operating System.

I think there may already be malware on my computer. Will the malware still function if I use SmokeNet?

SmokeNet does not protect you from malware. If you are concerned there may already be malware on your computer, you should install and run a good malware removal program. There are a number of free and paid options.

Is it true that SmokeNet's encryption can't be broken even if someone is able to store my encrypted data?

Yes, that is true. We use One Time Pad encryption. That method can not be cracked; even in theory.

Will SmokeNet protect against man in the middle attacks?

Yes. SmokeNet has been validated to proactively remove all network attack vectors including Man in the Middle.