Next Generation Private Network

Don't just encrypt your data. Hide it.

Using Moving Target Defense techniques combined with Streaming Key Encryption, SmokeNet NGPN creates a new level of defense for your network.

how it works

Simplicity and Security

SmokeNet NGPN is the next generation of IP protection that uses a patented approach to providing users with a secure and easy way to protect their data. It is composed of a secure tunnel where data ports are constantly changing and, if a location uses more than one carrier, the encrypted data and streaming key are sent across both while rotating at random.

SmokeNet NGPN works in the network as a hub and spoke system. Servers can be delivered as a Cloud service or as a network appliance. SmokeNet NGPN network appliances can be managed directly by your staff or outsourced as a service. Lastly, multiple network appliances can be employed for high availability.


SmokeNet NGPN is the most powerful cost effective solution available

Highest Encryption Available

SmokeNet NGPN utilizes the same encryption algorithm as Top Secret encryption globally. This is the only private network solution available to the public providing this level of cryptographic security.

Moving Target Defense

The real magic to SmokeNet NGPN is Moving Target Defense. Your data is constantly moving in the network, so there is no means to attack it!

Impossible to Decipher

SmokeNet NGPN’s Streaming Key Encryption uses an ever changing key. The Streaming Key is not calculated but derived from real world sources like temperature measured to a high level of precision. That high precision value is chaotically random and unpredictable. Without that value, you can not decipher.

Quantum Proof

Because there is no small, short key to be stolen, SmokeNet NGPN is not susceptible to someone quickly gaining access, stealing a key and then decrypting data remotely.

Fast & Efficient

SmokeNet NGPN has the lowest latency of any encrypted software private network solution. It also can run at full bandwidth on Gigabit and faster circuits natively.

Easy to Install

SmokeNet NGPN works like any other private network product. It is easier to install than IPsec while providing a higher level of security.

More Information

Interested in learning more?

Check out our videos for basic explanations of our technology. Or, for the more adventurous, we have several articles and white papers about our SmokeNet NPGN technology, why it works, and why traditional solutions are inadequate.