We are cybersecurity, revolutionized.

Our People

Introspective Networks is headquartered in the beautiful state of Colorado. Our founding team is composed of veterans in the worlds of computer science, telecommunications, and business. The team has over 100 years of combined experience and know-how.

Anthony Scott Thompson

President & Founder

Anthony has a successful career building and implementing large, distributed complex systems. He studied distributed and parallel systems at University of Colorado where he earned his graduate degree in Computer Science. Gaining early experience in the semiconductor industry, he was introduced to high levels of automation early in his career. He has combined those experiences architecting solutions and managing teams that engaged in building globally distributed automated systems for one of the world’s largest telecommunications networks. Mr. Thompson has guided Introspective Power, Inc. from concept to a C-Corp company with millions of dollars in revenue and eleven patent grants with more in flight. He is a true gen X outlier. As a young teen, he was a beta tester for the original Apple lines and had a home terminal to ARPANET. This combination of opportunities captured his imagination. He has studied parallel and distributed systems at the University of Colorado under Dr. Gita Alaghband; one of the foremost authorities on the subject, earning a post graduate degree in Computer Science.

Steven Cummings

Vice President of Operations & Co-Founder

Steven has spent a majority of his career building and managing networks and has earned degrees in Electronics and Information Technology. He served a successful term in the U.S. Air Force, where he worked on networks supporting missions globally. After the USAF, he moved on to manage groups deploying large, wide area networks for some of the country's largest providers. He later focused on creating software minimizing the potential for human error on critical systems where outages or errors can have devastating impacts on emergency services, financial markets, corporate networks, as well as military and government communications. He has hands on experience developing network automation capabilities. Two decades of experience with both military and civilian networks and equipment, along with introduction to computers and programming at a young age have contributed to his success. Steven has worked with Introspective Networks' President, Anthony Thompson in telecommunications, distributed computing, and cybersecurity since 2008.

Jack M. Jackson


Jack comes from the Med-tech Industry where he spent 23 years with Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device manufacturer.   Jack held numerous cross-functional and international finance roles.  Most recently, Jack was the Senior Finance Director for the Neurosurgery Business, with revenues topping $1.3B and sustained growth exceeding 10%.

Lt Col Thomas Cappelletti

USAFR (ret), DoD Liaison and Acquisition Subject Matter Expert

Thomas is our DoD expert and Acquisition Management SME. He has a comprehensive 25 year resume of experience as an aviator, officer, Program Manager, and Air Operations Manager in all facets of the worldwide Aerospace Industry.